pasta is my favorite food

it's so simple yet so good

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today went for a "lai piu" function in GZ with Fi and this guy Endy who told me he was the lead singer of a really great new band "zarahn" i think they are gonna be a big hit this year!

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in a taxi after working in the studio for many hours...i like this pic because it reminds me of the kind of drawing you might see in a comic book...especially with the shadows!

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  • Feb 19 Sun 2006 13:16
  • poem

i like my new adidas

my new adidas likes me

i walk in them

they walk on me

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Wish all of you a great valentines..... for those non-single people, have a sweet one! For those single people who are searching for someone, hope you find someone for next year! For you single people who wanna stay single.....haha, you may just end up non-single when you least expect....

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sing together beef stall!

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my friends who are a really funny couple from hawaii, came to HK for a day and we went around town...I played around with my camera/phone.

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It's time for me to start a new blog....I'm gonna update you all with what I'm doin these days and show u guys some cool pics hopefully!
Hope you had a good chinese new year holiday!!

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hey hey hey i'm back on blog! i was mixing the last song on my new album and i think everything should be finalized this week...soon i'll be goin to Singapore for an award show and then Taiwan for promotions. I am actually already trying to think of songs for my next project already...time is precious.

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