my friends who are a really funny couple from hawaii, came to HK for a day and we went around town...I played around with my camera/phone.

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  • 白痴妹
  • <p>哇,好正啊你,</p><p>不过D相好怪洛~</p>
  • aa`
  • 哇耶..超爆可愛喔*...有空外出要多拍相相啦>3<"十分愛你的說=]
  • chowin*3*
  • <p>khalil帶眼鏡真係好得意ar!<br/>帶太陽眼鏡就好型!<br/>唔帶眼鏡就好靚仔!<br/>very good^^</p>
  • Katie
  • 你是不是有近視??<br/>(所以出席公開活動戴太陽眼鏡,平時戴眼鏡)
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  • Ivy~*
  • 你地那天玩得開心嗎?你地去左邊度玩?
  • charmaine~*
  • <p>哇哈哈~你幹什麼拍得這樣哇 ? 很搞笑 !!</p><p>多點拍和寫關於你的生活瑣事吧~</p>
  • 456
  • <p>真的拍得蠻搞笑XDD...BTW...i love this pair of  glasses very much!!!XD</p>
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  • pinky
  • <p><strong><font color=#585e82>oh~haha..would u show the photos to us...?? <img src=""></font></strong></p><p><strong><font color=#585e82>hey Khalil..~ i want to tell a song to you.. which called"Smooth operator"...</font></strong></p><p><strong><font color=#585e82>was sung by a old singer --Sanne Salomonsen..hv u ever heard this name..or listened to  the song..?</font></strong></p><p><strong><font color=#585e82>haha..i think it's a good song.. it's very smooth..and also very soulful..~</font></strong></p> <p><strong><font color=#585e82>hope u like it..^^</font></strong></p>