Wish all of you a great valentines..... for those non-single people, have a sweet one! For those single people who are searching for someone, hope you find someone for next year! For you single people who wanna stay single.....haha, you may just end up non-single when you least expect....
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  • KEI
  • <p>Khalil...hope that u are toooo!!</p>
  • pinky
  • <p><font color=#794a72>i've spent a lonely Valentines day.....>< and u Khalil?</font></p> <p><font color=#794a72>got any chocolate? ^^</font></p>
  • Elly
  • Happy Valentines祝大家情人節快樂!!
  • b女*
  • <p>MAFAA!承你貴言!</p><p>哈哈,it's my first time  leaving comment here,</p><p>i'm finding my Mr.right too,haha,so tired now,3:30am…</p><p>i must go to sleep…<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/24.gif"></p><p> </p><p>Hope i can see u soon*</p><p>
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  • 小型瑩
  • <p>如果有個lover作D歌都會sweetD ga?!~呵呵</p><p>but,關於world peace的歌也好特別,好好聽。</p><p>我更愛這個世界哩!</p>
  • 白痴妹
  • <p>Happy Valentines,too!!!</p><p>希望你可以快D稳到你既另一半拉XD</p>
  • Namtso 納木錯
  • <p>today really is a "Singles Awareness Day",haha</p>
  • QQ
  • <p>你都係呀!khalil*<br/>  我都祝khalil既fans有個開心既情人節~^^</p>
  • charmaine~*
  • <p>情人節快樂 !! 你在工作還是準備了約會 ? XD</p><p>希望你也快遇到你的 Miss.Right 啦~~~*v*</p>
  • aa`
  • >V<KHALIL`我刀祝你同大家情人節大快樂""