• Feb 19 Sun 2006 13:16
  • poem

i like my new adidas

my new adidas likes me

i walk in them

they walk on me

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  • 白痴妹
  • 点解体起上黎好似一大一细甘既?
  • 小型瑩
  • <p>我刀有對綠and白呢。。stan simth 2</p><p>大同喜歡黑and白</p><p>我的校服是綠+白的~</p>
  • vivien
  • <p>Dear Khalil, </p> <p>good but ..... Why not Nike, why not me....</p>
  • Katie
  • <p>我哥哥都買了跟你同款的鞋<br/>不過不同顏色,他買的是綠色</p>
  • QQ
  • <p>good poem*haha"<br/><br/>I want to buy a new adidas as well^^</p>
  • Carmen~**
  • <p>Hei~Khalil ~I am your news fans Carmen ar~</p><p>on 26th I will go to your function to support you ar~</p><p>Nice to meet you!!</p>
  • charmaine~*
  • <p>haha, you are so funny !!</p><p>it's interesting !!</p><p>i like this poem too~</p>
  • chowin*3*
  • 哈哈,大同你好有創意呀!!<br/>very good poem XD<br/><br/>yeah,第一!^^