today went for a "lai piu" function in GZ with Fi and this guy Endy who told me he was the lead singer of a really great new band "zarahn" i think they are gonna be a big hit this year!
long time to sit in the van and it can be a bit boring but we always manage to find some very funni things to joke about...hehe!
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  • kb ching~
  • <p>hihi!</p><p>Oh....I love you&FiFi ar!!!the photos are very cute</p><p>Endy is so crazy....><</p>
  • pinky
  • <p><font color=#8080ff>wakakak ... 第2張相夠傻呀...XD</font></p><p><font color=#8080ff>我都有去睇你呀果日~~   我有嗌你ga,,,~~   不過你唔會聽到ga la~~XD</font></p><p><font color=#8080ff></font> </p><p> </p>
  • Carmen~**
  • <p>khalil~26號終於第一次見到你喇~so High ar~哈哈</p><p>呢幾日凍咗好多~要小心身體呀!Take care~~</p><p>Seeeee youuu  nexttttttt timeeeee laaaa~886...</p>
  • 飠懵伱
  • <p>我喺廣州噶...我嘟有睇呀~~</p><p>          我嗌得好勁噶~~唔知伱有冇見到...</p><p>       and.........endy好呤仔呀~~support..</p>
  • carmen25
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" color=#00bf60><strong>聽Fiona講你地3個o係架車度好嘈喎,又拎住支電筒周圍照,你地真係百厭呀!!</strong></font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffff00;" color=#00bf60><strong>但係又好似好好玩喎,我又想玩呀,下次同埋我玩,好嗎??</strong></font></p>
  • CherylL
  • <p><font color=#40a0ff>how about make a trip to vancouver??? 3 of u guys ..... ^_^</font></p>
  • aa`
  • XDD`第2張相個khalil丫.超似細路仔一名xP-方小同_- -+
  • ︴﹏蜜糖b▍↗
  • <p>kaka...</p><p>Endy is so Q...</p><p>u look like so...boring bor~</p><p>支持三寶~</p>
  • charmaine~*
  • 你地好低 B 呀~~~~~~你的笑容...咳咳...你還是正經點吧...
  • b女*
  • QQ
  • haha! What have you done in the van?<br/>    Endy is so cool!
  • DA
  • yes,, i think zarnhn will have a BIG!! GREAT!!! hit this year  =]]
  • KEI
  • <p>Khalil!!U look so boring in first photo...isn't it?</p><p>And the second photo u look very cute and funny<img src=""></p><p>And Fi is pretty too,Haha.Hope u be well*</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • kelly
  • <p>sometimes you looks serious in the photos..(like the first pic)</p><p>but i always love your smilig faces,so friendly ad gorgeous <img src=""></p><p>it seems that u and fi and endy are GREAT fds,right? </p><p> </p><p>first time to leave comment here</p><p>really appreciate ur enthusiasm in producing those brilliant songs and ur voice IMPRESS me so much!!</p><p>hope u rock urself in this field and...</p><p>looking forward to ur next album!  </p>
  • ◎o。°Shannie°。o
  • <p><strong>我就覺得第2張搞笑d wor..阿endy..唔知想點</strong></p><p><strong>yesyes~!同意家英說的!</strong></p><p><strong>goooogogoogogo kahali! ur songs are great!keep it up!</strong></p>
  • 家英
  • <p><font color=#ff007f>哈哈哈~ endy第三張做咩呢~~? XD</font></p><p><font color=#ff007f>雖然我係Endy D Fans來ga, 但都幾鐘意你D歌ar~你D好有自己風格呀~</font></p><p><font color=#ff007f>你要繼續加油呀~~~!! <img src=""></font></p>