me and my friend were having a conversation and we both agreed how unhealthy gossip is......just wanted to share it cause it's quite meanigful : )

THOUGHT : Talk less bad things about other people so that our own faults may not appear great
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  • Ball
  • <p>Khalil is such a kind man who always convey us meaningful messages. I'm thankful!! A famous quote is out there : "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.".</p>
  • 戀物誌☆~
  • <p align=center><font color=#a040ff>I like this photo, it's lovely!!!</font></p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff>I'm  still thinking of what you shared here... Anyway, it's really meaningful. Thx~</font></p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff></font> </p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff>Would like to share with <font color=#a040ff><strong><em>you all</em></strong></font> the</font></p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff> <strong><cite>ten Paradoxical Commandments</cite></strong> ,... </font></p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff>* **** *       * ***** *      * ***** *</font></p><p align=center><font color=#007f7f>People are illogical,unreasonable, and self-centered.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#a040ff><em><strong><font color=#7f007f>Love them anyway</font>.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>If  you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.</font></p><p align=center><em><strong><font color=#7f003f>Do good anyway.</font></strong></em></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Succeed anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.</font></p> <p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Do good anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#007f7f>Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Be honest and frank anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Think big anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Fight for a few underdogs anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#7f003f><em><strong>Build anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.</font></p><p align=center><em><strong><font color=#bf005f>Help people anyway.</font></strong></em></p><p align=center><font color=#00bfbf>Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth.</font></p><p align=center><font color=#bf005f><em><strong>Give the world the best you have anyway.</strong></em></font></p><p align=center><strong><em><font color=#bf005f>* *** *   * *** *   * *** *</font></em></strong></p><p align=center><strong><em><font color=#a040ff>~Cheers<img src="">~</font></em></strong></p><p> </p><p> </p>
  • 小型瑩
  • <p>unhealthy gossip是不好。</p><p>gossip是必然存在于社會的。</p><p>對於有一些人的不當的行爲,unhealthy gossip自然越傳越unhealthy。</p><p>被人說是證明自己有價值,如果自己的行爲是好的,而傳到別人口中卻是不好的,unhealthy的是那個人。</p><p>所以只要自己做得好,還哪怕gossip的性質呢?</p><p>“自疏濯淖污泥之中,蟬蛻于濁穢,以浮游塵埃之外,不獲世之滋垢,皭然泥而不滓者也”《屈原列傳》</p><p>(我曾經說過考完試才上網,er。。。一次吧,我會努力的。。。)</p>
  • Meko@Music
  • <p>我唔知你認唔認同呢個講法呢?我自己好鐘意gossip!我覺得同唔同嘅人講嘢,你會體會到好多唔同嘅諗法囖~~~~通常你自己睇嘢得一個方面,但係當你同咗其他人傾計,你會見到事物好多唔同嘅嘢~~</p><p>的確!有時會有D unhealthy gossip,但係把口生喺人哋度,你聼到咪當笑話囖~你自己唔講就已經足夠!</p>
  • Bessie
  • <p>Firstly, gossip & chatting 在社會上沒有定義, 所以根據每個人的價值觀不同, <br/>而有不同的尺度...., 然而「若要人似我, 除非兩個我」, 要別人的量度尺的scale都跟我一樣的話, <br/>其實幾乎不可能, 所以還是堅持少說話, 無論是否gossip, 免得遇上「言者無心, 聽者有意」。</p><p>兩隻青蛙給我感覺是「將心比心」or「已所不欲, 勿施於人」, 因為不想給人家gossip, <br/>所以自己先做的還是不要gossip 別人, haha...不知道這個想法, 和你的圖片, <br/>會不會比較有關係?  ......總之, 無論社會的文化變成怎樣, 最重要還是堅持自己保持<br/>不要gossip別人的習慣, 會比較好, 所以也贊成你的想法!  <img src=""></p>
  • Ivy~*
  • <p>i agree with u too..</p> <p>by the way, i can't understand why the frogs in the photo were using their hands to cover their chest. Is there any meaning?</p>
  • Aveiro
  • oops <br/>wts happened
  • Kei
  • <p>Ok... : )</p><p>Anyway I agree with you!</p><p>however u can't stop me doing this thing in writing story,</p><p>becausei think that i am a debater in my own world! Haha...</p>
  • charmaine~*
  • 嗯嗯...會聽你話架喇~講少 D 癈話...=v=
  • B28
  • I agree!