five old friends sat round a fire

the first said " i've been a lier, only caring of my desire "

the second said " i have been a cheat, i did it just to make ends meet "

the third said " i'm consumed with greed, my actions suffered those in need "

the fourth said " yes, but i've been proud, my eyes have never left the clouds "

the fifth said " i despise and shun, if  not for you my friends are none "

the tired friends spoke in dismay of lifes potential cast away

yet in the end they all agreed, a time to plant a worthy seed

their friendship strong, their hearts relieved

a moments reflection was well indeed

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  • "" 糊_塗 /]]
  • <p><strong><font color=#ff8080>扮鬼~~~~嗎?</font></strong></p><p><strong><font color=#ff8080>heheeee,,好得e a你地~~</font></strong></p>
  • Chel see
  • hi Khalil, this is Chelsea. i luv ur poem haha~
  • <p>RE :  <strong><a rel="nofollow" href="!uZ3vfPuAFQTZmNZZ8rl6WxSLPaBWCBAvwBtEsg--/profile"><font color=#ae700c>respect_other_please</font></a></strong></p><p><strong>多謝你欣賞 khalil,但我想澄清一樣野,請問你點為之嘈 ?</strong></p><p><strong>我有控制 fanz o係非必要時間唔好嗌,唔好騷擾其他人,而且我地並唔係你講到咁</strong></p><p><strong>如果只係一兩次而令你覺得我地係咁差的話,唔好意思,我諗你並唔了解</strong></p><p><strong>我可以保證我地好尊重其他歌手,我唔覺得我地有滋擾到其他人</strong></p><p><strong>如果你係睇過哂全香港所有歌手o既 fanz 平時o既言行舉止而覺得我地係咁</strong></p><p><strong>我代表佢地講聲對唔住 ! 但如果你只係見過一少部份,或只係見過我地一兩次而下此定論</strong></p><p><strong>我唔該你諗清楚先講野,你呢一段話會影響到我地甚至 khalil o既形象,請合作。</strong></p>
  • 陳惠
  • what a great story ..... <br />其實呢個故事我都講過...very meaningful~~~
  • respect_other_please
  • hello, khalil.<br /><br />although i quite appreciate your songs, please ask your fans to repect other singers when they are performing in a show.<br /><br />i just experienced that your fans are too excited about you and keep talking and laughing loudly throughout the show when you are off stage.<br /><br />thanks!<br />
  • 喪.琪
  • <p>HAHA..</p><p>you are funny~~^^</p>
  • 呀da
  • <p>好搞野呀你地~~~~</p><p>你知咩叫軟硬天師咩???XDDDD</p><p>人睇張相就知你係邊個啦....~ 成條柴咁..wakaka</p>
  • QQ
  • <p><br />i know who r u, but i dont know who r they.</p>
  • ``AH彤]]
  • 終於唔係講食啦你!!
  • emilliechan
  • All the lines said by "the old friends" rhyme!!! So cool!<br />Reflections' really a very good title, it fits the poem very well... It's very meaningful~<br />It makes me reflect too... It's just so realistc...  <br />look forward to reading more poems from you... (if you have time to create some)<br />Work hard and take care!!!
  • Crazy C
  • <p>long time no c</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>yr poem</p>
  • YUEN*
  • 你地好搞笑牙.hahaa..
  • <p>AIYA,你地好無聊呀 !!! XD</p><p>玩夠喇 LITTLE BOY ^^</p>
  • Eliss
  • Haha.軟硬天師!!