if mic had memory he'd be sentimental

if mic had memory his sadness would be our tears

if mic had memory he'd tire of our anger

if mic had memory he'd know of our hearts longings

if mic had memory he'd say we all need breath mints

if mic had memory he'd wish to choose his partner

if mic had memory he'd hope that we sang better

if mic had memory he'd wish he were the stand

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  • 喪.琪
  • 出书就好啦!!


    sport u!
    add oil ar!~
  • ~halo
  • Yan*
  • <p>你好呀!!!!!方大同,,,我勁鐘意你同你D歌嫁!!!!!!>3<</p><p>你有冇MSN????有就ADD我啦!!!!!!!!!!!yanbiauHOTMAIL .com</p>
  • reg~
  • <p>hi khalil, it's been a while since i last left comment here in your blog!</p><p>i DID try to register on your new fan site but i never got the reply email in which i could activate my account T_T;;</p><p>so anyway... last but not lease, WHEN IS YOUR NEW ALBUM COMING OUT!?!??!  =O</p><p>p.s. *add oil!! =]</p>
  • 一日王
  • excuse me !where  is  the  mic...i  wanna  special  request... 
  • xdd khalil u are so funny.<br />your poem is good ^3^`
  • ruby
  • halo baby!>3<<br />do you remember me?!<br />haha!i am <strong><cite><font color=#ff0000>RUBY!<br /></font></cite></strong>i miss you so much!<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/7.gif"/><br />i like your poems!<br />haha baba you're so great!<br />iloveyou baba!<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/8.gif"/><br />i want to say is that<br />if i were a mic, i would want to be your mic!XD<br />HAHA!  WORK HARD!<br />i won't have so much time to go to yr funz<br />but don't forget me!haha<br />if you miss me, welcome to do so!XDDD<img src="http://hk.yimg.com/i/icon/16/18.gif"/>
  • lam jing jing
  • <p>i love your poem. it has sense of humor =)</p><p>if mic had memory he'd be prouded of K becoz you got a nomber 1 song "luv luv luv" in 903 chart. keep the spirt K! i love ur poems as i love your songs.</p>
  • 陳惠
  • 成日有poem....仲要好meaningful....
    好鐘意呢d poem.....繼續努力唱歌~~~支持持持
  • 大WING
  • <p>出書la!Hurry up!!!XDDD</p>
  • 小郁
  • <p>If I were the mic, I'd wish the good singer to stand closer<br />let me feel the throbbing pulse<br />that tells the story of human beings<br />love and anger and envy and broken hearts...<br /><br />May your fingers linger<br />with all emotions overwhelming me<br />ignite my senses, make me feel alive<br />and I would no longer be alone, amidst the coldness of the recording room...</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • 小白
  • <p>哲学家+诗人方大同?</p><p>乜吾系歌唱家方大同咩</p>
  • <p>大詩人你有無想過幾時出本詩集賺返一筆 ?</p><p>我都好耐冇接觸過個 MIC 喇...</p><p>係啵,恭喜你有第二首冠軍歌呀下</p>
  • Eliss
  • 係呀..{愛愛愛}in 903今日第一位呀!!!hehe..
  • Eliss
  • 嘩...你有作詩....