isn't it nice? isn't it fancy? isn't it classy? there's a tall ladder....yes that's right everybody,

khalil's luv luv luv MV will be showing very soon!

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  • Kitty
  • 方大同<br />你好靚仔呀!!!!!<br />你有幾高呀?<br />
  • *joyZz``
  • <p>期待luv luv luv MV呀~~~*:]</p>
  • *joyZz``
  • <p>期待luv luv luv MV呀~~~*:]</p>
  • Eliss
  • woo~ that's cool!!
    我會期待luv luv luv mv!!!
  • Fanny
  • 9/29~ good show~ ^^
  • 喪.琪
  • wow~

    i'm looking forward to that.~

    i like luv luv luv so much!!!
  • 鬼輝
  • <p>i like it!</p><p>very beautiful ar!</p><p>it is what version ga?</p><p>p.s.this is my chinese ennglish...haha</p>
  • lam jing jing
  • <p>i can picture a pair of couple is snuggleing to each other in this cozy place.</p><p>could it be me? keke... </p><p>i love therefore i am.</p>
  • JasmineC
  • looking forward =)
  • Chel see
  • <p>ha i luv that song, just cant stop singing it!!! lol~and of course ur awsm!! and ur music everything is just GREAT! + oil and stay cool~</p><p>Chels</p>
  • 野孩芷WilD cHiLD
  • <p>Hey~ sup Khalil! </p><p>I fink ur real' awesome!! Learn'n all da instruments by urself!! </p><p>so i wrote a lil' piece 'bout u in my BLOG~ XDDD enjoy~ </p>
  • cara zaa
  • it's magic , it's nice n fancy... n i luv dat song...
  • pooferz*
  • the house looks so <strong>warm</strong>..<strong> </strong>dunno why im saying that.. it looks so comfy to me.
  • meowzai
  • <p>Wow~~ i like the huge crystal ceiling lamp...that's so cool~~~ Anyway, longing to watch your </p><p>luv luv luv MV !!!</p>
  • crezi
  • 好正~
  • 毛毛
  • <p>好中意呢首歌...</p><p>MV的背景好magnificent feel阿...</p><p>i'm looking forward to watching yr new mv soon!!!<img src=""/></p>
  • QQ
  • 愛愛愛,, 著你的歌.....` =]
  • reg~
  • <p>i LOVE this song a lot!!! and KHALIL! i know how to sing this song la.. spent like 2~3 days practicing... LOL </p><p>be cool! =D</p>
  • 大WING
  • <p>Woo。。。so cool!!</p><p>I'm looking forward to watch your new mv!</p>
  • 呀da
  • <p>未看已經知道好了=]</p><p>非常期待!!!!</p><p>很開心你又有新的mv!!!</p>
  • <p>yoho` I have waited for this mv a long time .<br />It's fancy XD</p>
  • <p>我會很期待這個 MV !! 因為我很喜歡這首歌 !!</p><p>我很喜歡這個場景...這會是 TVB 版或者官方版本 ?</p><p>會再一次上勁歌金曲嗎 ??</p>
  • Kwan
  • <p>its reli a nice place*<br />glamourous decoration,, how beautiful n romantic hehe :]<br />longing ur ai ai ai MV and also ur coming mini concert!!<br />i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait :P<br />wo hao jiu mei jian ni la ... :)</p><p>btw, <br />wuts the purpose of the tall ladder in ur aiaiai MV?</p><p> </p>
  • 小白
  • very very want to see this mv ar
  • Ann Ann
  • Cool place!!
  • 這是私人回應
  • <p>Khalil~ Iuv Iuv Iuv this song was very good............<br />I like it very much~</p><p> </p>
  • Steven King
  • <font color=#7f007f>OH Master Khalil! How's ur album going? Any break through the magic number "3"? Anyway, Add Oil and stay Cool as always!!<img src=""/></font>