hot chocolate


maybe they're pebbles...

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  • 喪.琪
  • 呀da
  • <p>hey~khalil~</p><p>dont eat too much sweet food or drink~ >< </p><p>sometimes it's not good for yr voice!!!!!</p><p>certainly it's not good for yr health~!</p><p>take care and work hard in yr album : D</p>
  • <p>high-tea..........有錢仔XD</p><p>I have interest to see you eat the stones....haha !!! </p><p>It's so sweet to drink hot chocolate....</p>
  • eowplum
  • Oh COOL!
    is it those heated pebbles u can use to heat ur hot choco?
    Hope so... last time I drank one of those, realli yummy!
    Rich and sweet!
  • 晴
  • 杯熱朱古力就好似好好味喇~
  • reg~
  • dont put too much sugar ah khalil!!! :D

    i sometimes like to have a cup of hot chocolate in the afternoon too

    but that usually puts me to sleep (IN CLASS) LOL!! XD
  • 小雲
  • haha,what a special afternoon tea ~
  • QQ
  • -khalil*


  • 毛毛
  • u eat the stones????don't frighten me please!!!but i know they are not the stones lar。。。haha!!!!^O^...u like to eat sweet things???is it right???haha !!!!
  • Feliz
  • u went to "high-tea"?? :P
    at first sight i think it's (or it "should")coffee or "milk-tea" sth like that..
    but then i knew it's chocolate..
    and let me think of that it's kids' favorate drinks..
    hahaha,, you are just like a kid....(??)
    (but sometimes i order it also....well)

    i hv no idea that you like eating pebbles!
    (i think it's pebbles, not stone...)
    okay, next time i would give it to you to eat then..:P
  • 大WING
  • Your afternoon T are very attractive!!!
    especially the!not stones,is pebbles!!!XDDD
  • 高妹
  • e~~~你鐘意食石頭架?haha