this guy has such a cool studio!!

very comfortable and chill...easy to fall asleep...especially at 4 am

it sounds good man

that's 2 songs on the screen...

Hi! I'm pretty much finished with my new cd. This is the final stage where we give all the songs the final touch to make it smooth, balanced and to boost the various frequencies. The mastering engineer has such a great place with lots of lava lamps everywhere that make the atmosphere so relaxing. I'm quite pleased with the 2nd album and I hope you guys will like it too.....thanks for'll need to wait just a lil longer hehe!

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  • Palmy
  • 真是好消息嘍!!


    ps. 你的歌兒讓我又一次喜歡學漢語,謝謝你~
  • HI
  • I went to your show tonight... It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good :) Both you and Ivana did very well. <br />Too bad you guys didn't expect the encore and didn't prepare for it.<br />Can't wait to buy your 2nd album.<br />
  • Rae
  • <p>等你只新碟等咗七百幾年了,快D出啦!想喺頒獎台上聽到你唱新歌呀!</p>
  • Fe
  • this place is so mysterios... :P<br />0400?? i think u  must be v.v. tired.<br />take care.
  • PInky JIA
  • <p><font color=#ff409f><strong></strong></font> </p><p><font color=#ff409f><strong>I think that you not knowing Chinese , still having written English ! <br />Prior to I leave word having also been in vain!<br />You want out the new plate ~ ha-ha! <br />Hope that gramophone record sells greatly! . <br />((I am not good at English))<br /></strong></font></p>
  • 毛毛
  • <p> happy lar...</p><p>what is yr new ablum cover????</p><p>i looking forward to your new ablum and the cover as well lar...</p><p>i'm waiting for them....haha!!!!</p>
  • Steven King
  • <p>Oh! FINALLY...</p><p>Hey! Soulboy, we've been waiting for ur "大作" since AGES!!!</p><p>Finally......can't wait til ur 4th plug!!<img src=""/></p>
  • Eliss
  • oh..great place!!not really like a studio...hehe<br />I wait for your new album long time..<br />I 'm too happy,becox your new album will coming soon<br />I must be likes your new  album,<br />and I also want to know what is the cd cover..hehe
  • QQ
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color=#ff0000>-KHALIL*<br /><br />加油! =]<br />不知cd cover是怎樣呢</font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color=#ff0000>-QQ*</font></p>
  • reg~
  • <p>yea yea.. i'll like the album... i bet i'll love it</p><p>just can't wait laaaaaaaa.......  </p><p>by the way, any chance it's releasing before x'mas?! hope so! ;D</p><p> </p>
  • Sa 沙
  • <p>Very cool studio ..... it's so cozy!! You're in the final stage of making the album and that's a good news to all. <img src=""/>  I'll just need to be more patient.</p>
  • 呀da
  • <p>i am looking forward to your new album><!!!</p><p>i have been waiting for an extremely long time!=[</p><p>you must sign on the CD and it will be the best birthday present for me>3<""</p>
  • b女*
  • <p>wa,SO AMAZING<img src=""/></p><p>IT'S NOT A STUDIO, IT'S LIKE A PLACE THAT PLAY <font face=Arial color=#cc3333 size=6>tarot…</font></p><p><font face=Arial color=#cc3333 size=6>HAHA,</font></p><p><font face=Arial color=#cc3333 size=6>keep going,wait for u....ur new album!!</font></p><p><font face=Arial color=#cc3333 size=6></font> </p>
  • Carmen~**
  • <p>your new CD is the best for my Birthday present~~~ HA HA~</p><p>See you on my Birthday(9/12),10/12 and the mini show(13/10) la~</p><p> </p>
  • <p>How come the studio can be designed so gorgeous....</p><p>And I love the lava lamps too !!!</p><p>Hey, you look so tired...</p><p> post...quite funny...haha...</p><p>I am looking forward to the CD cover !!!!</p>