My new cd is finally released! I hope you'll all enjoy it as it has many different colors and tones of music...this album is all about love, so maybe when you hear it you'll love it haha

go and buy it : P

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  • JAC
  • <p>I must buy your album coz your songs r reli reli good!</p>
  • wendy
  • <p>I have been listening to this album for more than one month, everywhere I go and whatever I do, walking, standing, waiting for subway, resting, eating, and even, bathing~~~~~~</p><p>But never get bored</p>
  • oppostrophe
  • Great Stuff~!!! This is the 2007 album of the year ... period~!!! Keep up the excellent work! A++ <br />(your music keeps me grooving while I drive to work)<br />
  • Dear Jane
  • <font color="#4040ff">Jackal : 新碟好好聽 , 內頁d相好型呀 ^^</font>
  • 史東
  • <p>yo guy! I fink ur 2nd is awesome! I'm goin to buy this weekend!<br /><br />U still keep ur own style ..thats great! not so many ppl can keep their own style when they become famous.</p><p>Keep It up! Love ur voice >3<</p>
  • irz
  • <p>yo khalil, i finally bought ur new album..i reli luv it so much!!x]<br />mani fds around me bought it too!!x]</p>
  • nowhere, now/here
  • i m listening now. it is vy good r!
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffc0c0;" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ffdfbf" size="2"><strong>Hi Khalil, can't believe it!!</strong></font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffc0c0;" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ffdfbf" size="2"><strong>I have listened to your new album (only) the whole week on my iPod...they're really great songs!  And I found out that many people are getting to know your music too.  I have also made a blog entry to talk about your new album...<img src=""/></strong></font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffc0c0;"><font color="#ffdfbf"><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="2"><strong>Keep up your good work!</strong></font><img src=""/></font></font></p>
  • zxczxc芭比
  • khalil<br />best buy album <br /><br />support <br /><br />i've got one la~~hahahaha~~<br />really new year gift for us~<br />thanks so much~ <br />
  • Steven King
  • <p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#ffff00" size="2"><em><strong>Hey Soulboy! <br />As I said in our last interview, your 2nd album is greatest gift before 2006 year end! Thanks!</strong></em></font></p><p> </p>
  • OE
  • <p>hi Khalil,  firstly wish you happy new year in 2007!<br />always saw you soul Boy recently..<br />including the mini-concert with Ivana in Dec, <br />Ultimate chart award..great performance of the music jam with your friends, Ivana, Hins and Louis! I really looking forward the next show of the same team soon. <br />Today I listened Mini @ 903 programme, you jammed the songs with your Dad! <br />That time, I really want to tks your Dad, who taught his Son very smart in music.</p><p>just bought your new album " THIS LOVE", i really "love" it. <br />Actually this album is better than the 1st one, maybe the message that you wanna to give us clearly, is LOVE... and let me find the new idea that about Love, such as 詩人的情人,四人遊, 拖男帶女'...."蘇麗珍" let me remember the album of Jay Chau, "葉惠美", her name of Mum, I wish your Gradma who hear this song in paradise, and cherish all your persons at this time...also melody of all songs are! </p><p>your hit song "春風吹mix" ,  I like this version v.much, is soft  & relax (with Silver, who is she? could we know~? her voice seems quite gd!) when you listen at night..i m not sure is it  special arrangement that putting to the last track...haha!</p>
  • <p>Hey dad, <br />I haven't buy your new album yet, <br />sorry! <br />But I have listened it before,<br />It's really good,<br />I like ' Goodbye melody rose' and 'if you leave me now'very much.<br /><br />Um, 2006 had passed.<br />at 2007, i wish you will have a good year,<br />and try you best with your work.<br />Happy new year.<br />I will buy your new album as soon as possible.<br />Later you must sign your big name for me  <;</p>
  • Yoyo
  • 新碟好正啊.加油哇~~~
  • NoE
  • Nice one Khalil~<br />Keep up with the good work !<br />
  • debby咪係我囉..
  • 春風吹之吹吹風..
  • IKOY
  • <br />Honestly, it's very hard to survive in HK music industry because the general public usually go for looks/gimmick rather than MUSIC (and of course a lot more complicated that just a few words here!!!). It's really great to have an artist that comes along, know what he's doing as well as what he wants to acheive.  It's truly exciting that I could actually recommend a Chinese album to my non-chinese friends.  I love how you sang all your songs in Mandarin, it's much more universal. Smart move. Keep up with the good work!!!  <br /><br /><br />
  • vv
  • very gd r!!!!<br />i love it very much!!haha!~xdddd<br />+oil!!!
  • 這是私人回應
  • JulieMoore...
  •  買左啦, 好好聽呀...  多謝你呀!  ^^<br />
  • pakei
  • 新年快樂,
    零七年要繼續努力創作 ^.^
  • veronn&amp;quot;
  • heeyyy i was like OMG i didnt know its released already on 29th Dec so i freaked out terribly but then i wasnt free to get it these few days until today i went to HMV and i cudnt find it! gawd. so disappointed :( but i shall continue to look for it tmr :)) anyways CONGRAATZZZ for getting silver award @ chik chak!! kinda rewarding to you i guess :)) continue to work hard GA YAU!!  gonna support u 4eva :)
  • oOMarYOo
  • <p> </p><p> </p><p>                               <img src=""/><font color="#ff40ff">  大同`*  ~    我非常like 你首"愛愛愛"啊!   超好聽~</font></p><p><font color="#ff40ff">                                                               希望你繼續唱多d正歌比我地聽啦~~加油啊!!支持你啊!</font></p>
  • lam jing jing
  • K many congrats to you!<br />I am so happy that you are getting more familiar from the general public.<br />903 award is kind of tool which proves ur misic talent as well as recongises ur passiate on music. well done! very well done!<br /><br />stay cool in 2007!<br />wishing u hf a breakthroughing, inspiring and prosperous new yr.<br />
  • irz
  • 恭喜你在叱咤奪銀,其實你們4個之中任何3個拿我都一樣開心..=]
    來年要努力喔,hapi 2007*v*
  • Eliss
  • Congratulation to u...becox u obtained a  singer songwriter silver award!!<br />And don't worry about last night,I would like to say u played the drum very well!!
  • ruby
  • halo!*0* <br />happy new year!:> <br />such a cool cd!*3* <br />i like it so much!:>really!!<br />happy 2007!*v*<br />ha i like your new year present very much!<br />but if it is free and given by you,<br />we will be more happy!:><br />wish you will have good results for your music!<br />take care:)
  • Jady
  • Congratulations!!!
  • 恭喜又得獎呀~你首愛愛愛好好聽~support u~
  • 呀da
  • 我在29號已經買了你的新唱片了=]
    特別是"唉" 跟"詩人的情人"
  • 這是私人回應
  • 這是私人回應
  • 大WING
  • Happy New Year~~~~Khalil
    i buy your new cd already!!!!
    that't great!!i love this album!~
    see u in 6/1~~=]
  • 畸‧KAY
  • 新年快樂<br />祝 新碟大賣=)
  • audreywongXD
  • bought it right on the day it released
    dai 1 si garn
    so good that i spent all my time listening to it
    n forgot to revise for my examsXDDDDDDDDDDD
  • 基c叮...叮
  • yo yo yo~ don't have to wait finally...hahaha
  • MizKatie
  • Happy New Year too!!! I'm so definitely gonna buy ur album!!! <br />Best wishes!! =]<br />
  • reg~
  • <p>happy new year khalil! yea! your new album is absolutely the best gift for new year! as well as the best album of the year! ^__^;;</p><p>eh... actually, i pre-ordered it online, still waiting for it to be shipped to me t.t</p><p>+oil la!!</p>
  • 新年快樂啊大同 BB...哈哈
    看來多了很多人支持你,如果有更多人出 FUNZ 親身支持你就更好 =]
    專輯我先買了兩隻,然後會買更多次 " 兩隻 " XD
    你給我們的這份 " 新年禮物 " 已拆過了
    那我們給你的 " 聖誕禮物 " 拆過了嗎 ?

    下次 FUNZ 見 =]
  • 貓頭
  • <p>All I want in the new year is love - THIS LOVE !</p><p>waiting for it to be on sale here in...err...Paris. I'm serious! - but I'm 100% sure I'll love love love it when it finally lands on my hand :)</p><p>Still 4 hours to go before 2007 arrives here, so I guess it's not too late to say:</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>You look like Eason in the cover ah Kahlil !!!</p><p>haha - Happy New Year ^_^</p>
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p><font color="#ff409f">Hi Khalil, I really like your songs...I have just watched the crossover you had with Ivana and it's really a great show!</font></p><p><font color="#ff409f">Btw, I have just bought your CD today!  it's cool...</font></p>