2006 was filled with lots of work and all kinds of experiences...it's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly. You blink an eye and the time has flown away! Let's make the most of our time in 2007! Let every year be more interesting, fulfilling, joyous, encouraging, and also a chance to learn and grow.

Good luck to all of u!



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  • wendy
  • <p>Good luck for you as well. </p><p>I believe, with our sincere wishes, our dreams would all come true.</p><p>Wishing you happiness. </p>
  • fileee
  • yep...make the most of it~`
    may you happy
  • Janice
  • Khalil,買了你的新CD了..本人很喜歡呢..要繼續努力,我都會支持,另外..hehe..你太瘦了..食多一點..飽滿可令你看更精神呢..加油
  • veronn&amp;quot;
  • asdlgjsadl;gkjdgl;js<br />sorrryyy i mean 2006* : p
  • veronn&amp;quot;
  • <p>yep i bet u've done a great job in 2007!!<br />there must've been lots of joyous memories : )<br />keep up the gd work!!<br />and btw i've finally got ur album :) <br />so frantic cuz cudnt find it in HMV ended up getting one in CD Warehouse : P<br />add oil!! <3</p>
  • GiSelle
  • <font style="font-weight:bold;" size="3"><span style="color:rgb(160, 64, 255);font-family:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">support you and wish you good luck in 2007!</span></font><br />
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#bf00bf"><strong>Right!!  I also hope I will have a <font color="#ff409f">FANTASTIC</font> year 2007 and you too!!</strong></font></p><p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#bf00bf"><strong>Wish you success in all the Music Awards 2007 (it's a bit early to say that...i know<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/10.gif"/>)!!</strong></font></p>
  • fantasticbrabra
  • <p>hi khalil...i  am very like your new album..!!that's wonderful songs...!!i will waiting fou your music...!!support u..khalil ..!! don't give up...!! than...talk care ar..!!!!!!!</p>
  • 基c叮...叮
  • you are right.. and good luck to you~ btw, i like your new album very much~
  • 悠然
  • ganbatte ne!!!!!
  • ruby
  • hi,khalil!<br />you got good results in 2006,right!<br />we are very excited about it!:><br />i read magazines and saw a lot of碟評about your new album!<br />ha,!all of them said that your album is very great!:)<br />hey, work hard!<br />although i can't go to your funz,<br />i will support you at home!XD<br /><br />-BY RUBY:)
  • <p>容許我賣個大大廣告 =] KHALIL 將出席本週三勁歌金曲錄影</p><p>如果大家想睇 KHALIL LIVE 表演就要珍惜呢個機會喇。</p><p><span>日期 : 2007 年 1 月 10 日 ( 星期三 ) <br />時間 : 大約為 20 : 00 開始,錄影時間大概為半小時 <br />地點 : 將軍澳電視城</span></p><p><span><span>集合時間 : 18 : 30 ( 19 : 00 ) 上車 <br />集合地點 : 調景嶺地鐵站外 7 - 11<br /></span></span></p><p><span><span>想去o既朋友去 KHALIL 個 FORUM 覆我丫,多謝哂各位 =]</span></span></p>
  • lowong
  • Hey I heard your album interview on 903<br />That can know more you and the album.Great!!<br /><br />How long you play drum?I'm practice drum these time=)<br />2007,spend more peace and love~Keep going;)<br /><br /><br /><br />
  • chuming
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  • 地獄の女MiNaKo
  • <p><font color="#8080ff">dear khalil~</font><font color="#8080ff">i love...your ablums <a>at  "ThisLove" cd</a> so  much^^!!!</font><font color="#8080ff">how wonferful with u~at this years i hope all best wishes for u...takecare yourself...enjoy your life and then your music can  make me change  my mind....you know?i can't belive...but anyway i suport u everywhere&anytimes~~~thx shareing your abluns... music... (like your life)<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/1.gif"/> </font></p>
  • OE
  • <p>Khalil, seems so many ppls and DJ recommend your new album.</p><p>It is a good starting point in 2007. Keep your good job and enjoy it!</p>
  • jessica
  • Yeah...Khalil<br />also good luck to you too...<br />I hope that you can get a better result in the coming year and let everybody proud of your music...<br />Take care=]
  • speedohush
  • happy new year....<br />love the new album!<br />
  • irz
  • <p>good luck to you too*<br />i believe dat u can get betta results in da cuming yr..add oil:]</p>
  • 阿粉
  • HI~~得閒黎我blog留言la!!!~~~^^
  • reg~
  • <p>your pic is very "ying" there~</p><p>been listening to your "this love" these days, and man! it's just so amazing, the songs are never boring to listen to... ;D i love all the songs </p><p>p.s.  i watched the 4 video clips of yours on mini-tv, they're funny haha </p>
  • ounderi
  • <p>Hey.  Your repertoire's awesome.  Your "This Love" is just as good (if not better) than Maroon 5's "This Love".  Keep up the good work!</p>
  • Johnny
  • <p>hey khalil.... its my first time posting here... i just wana congrat u for recieving awards in many "Ban jeung din lai"s.... and you really deserved it ! !!.... it is amazing to see how you can write songs for so many different artists in 06 and have an outstanding year yourself to !</p><p>Anyway i hope 2007 goes well for you ! and hope u make more great songs for both yourself and your friends!</p>