Hey all my fans, supporters, fellow music lovers and whoever might see this blog!

I will be doing 3 shows at the Art Centre in Wanchai on Feb 1, 2, and 3...it's my first show where I'll be selling tickets! Isn't that great...for me, but maybe not for you hehe.

Come and check it out, bring your friends and leave your pets at home!





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  • ruby
  • <p>Khalil,</p><p>I will watch yr show tmr ar! Good show la.</p><p> </p>
  • S!U*CHAR=)*
  • <p>唉呦....我遲了一步喲-3-'''已經滿了>"<傷```<br />可不可以再給我兩個位置也```哈哈<br />根本不可能的耶<br />HAVE A GD SHOW<br />10port U </p>
  • r215666f
  • haha, actually i hv found 7 friends coming to the concert with me =]... see you at the concert! good show!
  • Zoe Lydia
  • <p>Today i received your 2 ablums with your signature & blessings from my friend as a birthday gift. i'm so glad and i will support you forever~ see ya in the show!</p><p>Lydia</p>
  • MizKatie
  • OoooO Good luck on ur upcoming show! Too bad it isnt in the summer... I would go if its in the summer <br />
  • Crazy C
  • <p>yr new photo is so husband ar><</p><p>support</p>
  • miyazaki
  • Have a great show! Too bad I'm not in HK right now but I hope to catch your concert next time I come. Good luck!<br />
  • 小雲
  • wish you have a good show !
  • Heliose
  • <p><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" size="3"><strong><font color="#00007f">hey khali..</font><br /><br /><font color="#737373">all the best of your first show!<br />Count me in  :)</font></strong></font></p><p> </p><p><br /> </p>
  • 豆釘
  • <strong>hey handsome guy, where can I buy ar???</strong>