the following are thoughts of an old japanese fisherman:

a great writer once wrote " to be or not to be...that is the question".

in the end we can only make the best of what we've  got...and often we don't know what we've got till it's gone.

so to all of you out there, if this question pertains to matter in what situation

let's just make the best of what we've got and let time tell it's story

enjoy your fish and arigato,

mr. mount fuji






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  • linkzai
  • <p><font color="#ff007f">thanks for sharing some interesting things of your life!</font></p><p><font color="#ff007f">i'm fond of listening to your songs!</font></p><p><font color="#ff007f">what such a fantastic voice u have!</font><img src=""/></p>
  • 我是可愛的ⓜⓘⓒⓗⓔⓛⓛⓔ!!!
  • <p>i agree...</p><p>My cat has been gone for over a month...(She left me for no reason!)<br />I'm not sad at all ( kinda weird, right?)<br />I guess  it's because when "she" was around me, <br />every moment was the best!<br /></p>
  • wendy
  • by the way, I love this picture, and the feeling of being on the edge
  • wendy
  • <p>i love this word: </p><p><cite>let's just make the best of what we've got and let time tell it's story</cite></p><p>although a little bitter, we can still find hope </p>
  • septemberzi
  • <p>according to what u had said... "to be or not to be.. that is the question" was from Shakespeare</p><p>i dont know why u mentiomed it by a Japanese </p>
  • 自閉,,,* (NICE&amp;#39;S)
  • <p>著住拖鞋係懸崖旁邊影相咁型,,,</p><p>你唔驚GE咩?!=='</p>
  • candy
  • Khalil

    relally like your new CD, good job! i listen it everyday. hope can see you in your show.
  • 地獄の女MiNaKo
  • <p><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#a94a76" size="3">看完這篇文章 覺得你好像有些感慨...很開心你能跟我們分享你的音樂 還有生活的點滴 喜怒哀樂等等...說真的...如果不開心的時候試著閉起雙眼 想著開心的畫面 定能會心一笑 人就隨之開心起來(很有效的~)人本是複雜的...每個人都有自己的路要走...別讓自己活著有遺憾...想做就做 盡力而為 do your best 不過也不要逼得自己喘不過氣來哦 不然你的FANS們會很痛心的唷~特別是我<img src=""/>!!!</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#a94a76" size="3">不過以我所知 你很少會不開心(也許你很會掩飾吧!另願自己不開心也不想影響別人)</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#a94a76" size="3">好了!看來我還是別亂猜了比較好!只是覺得如果有煩惱就得放鬆一下...別讓自己累壞了身體...你又不是不知道自己是身材有多苗條~~~(不是要你增磅 而是別忙到廢寢忘食就好了)!!! 我比你大一年 我也很喜歡音樂的 可是看來這輩子是沒機會的了!!!</font></p><p><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#a94a76" size="3">怎樣也好 我也會支持你^^還有你的FANS!!!</font></p>
  • 膶頭.魚
  • <p>哇....個懸崖睇落去都幾恐怖嗰噃!!!</p><p>第一次留言俾妳啊!!!好開心啊~~</p><p>P.S  我係妳廣州個FANZ啊...!!Support you 4ever啊...</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • OE
  • <p>nth is impossible..if you don't try, couldn't achieve it.<br /><br />Khalil, wish you grasp the chance everytime and do your best.</p>
  • aus-cello
  • <p>well , i has known it.</p><p>support u!! Khalil~~ </p>
  • SunnyFish
  • keep up the good work!!!!
  • 喪.琪
  • <p>你想做什么呢?</p><p>哈哈..~</p><p>跳崖?!</p>
  • <p>Khalil` add oil ah!<br />你的「愛愛愛」十分動聽`<br />努力做好音樂`support you forever!</p>
  • koswa78
  • hey khalil fong. first time commenting you. just want to drop by and say that i like your cd. its good. One more thing, i just wanted to ask...if you translated what mr. fuji said...cause i think what mr. fuji said was pretty deep.
  • 呀da
  • <p>哈哈哈 <br />很難想像親眼看你穿socks + 人字拖會是怎度的模樣!!!!!</p><p>我會去你連續3場的音樂會,開心嗎???哈哈</p><p>你真的很有才華!!!!所以是值得的=]]</p>
  • vivian
  • <p>haha..xdddddddddddd<br />見到張相已經想笑~哈哈<br /></p>
  • BYE
  • <h2>"to be or not to be...that is a question"  !!!</h2>
  • 小齊
  • <p>  Hello   Khalil ...</p><p>       開concer..</p><p>                 support  u  la..</p>
  • ivy
  • halo khalil .. <br />i am ur fans from US.. <br />i really appreciate ur music.. <br />i enjoy ur music all the time<br />thx for making those perfect music..<br />addoil ur music<br />add oil on ur 音樂會....^^
  • 小Jen
  • <p>Hi Khalil~</p><p>This is my first time to leave msg here,</p><p>Just want to tell you I've bought the ticket on 2-Feb, and see you in the show~~</p>
  • 毛毛
  • Shakespeare???you are so intelligent ne...
    is it your feet???
  • Ling
  • <p>KHALIL!</p><p>goin' to enjoy ur concert<br />love your music and plz plz plz keep it up<br />let's just make the best of what we've got</p>
  • 貓頭
  • <p>hey u r not tryin to jump into the sea there yea :p</p><p>to be, or not to be...that shouldn't be ur man tai - u have no choice, cos u got ur great shows comin!</p><p>" the sun always shines on the optimist", so lets all enjoy every second we have on this lovely earth. keep goin :)</p><p> </p><p>(btw i know it's weird but i kinda love ur flip-flop-with-socks style haha...i can see a new trend coming !!)</p>
  • 基c叮...叮
  • <p>so intelligent..</p>
  • nelly
  • <p>you're da man~~ love your music lol </p><p>to be or not to be...sumhow is not up to us tho</p><p> </p>
  • ruby
  • oh! is that your feet?!-_-<br />hey, so silly:><br />ha,you are a funny guy:><br />
  • 幾幾
  • enjoy our life is the most important thing.
    the same to U
  • jessica
  • Yeah...<br />I totally100% agree with Charmaine...<br />I really hate人字拖too...<br />That kind of wording....<br />I have heard it before too but I also dun have any special feelings...<br />but I know that u choose to post it out...<br />u must have your reasons and somethings want to share with us...<br />anyway...<br />I am sure that you can really do your best and u did know u have got the sucess=]<br />addoil Khalil and we, the fans, will support you then till the end...<br />see you in your show on3/2... and I hope that your interview held on this afternoon can go smoothly...<br />Keep it on Khalil... dun disappoint us ar... hope that i havn't give you too much stress la=]<br />
  • reg~
  • <p>socks + 人字拖</p><p>oh my goodness~ hahahahhahahaha XD  looks really silly wor >;D</p><p> </p>
  • Karena
  • <p>知道你開「音樂會」</p><p>很想看</p><p>很欣賞你的音樂、才華</p><p>最後我卻選擇把看你音樂會的錢</p><p>用於 4 位將會生日的朋友與家人身上</p><p>我想這些錢能讓多人感受快樂</p><p>比我一人獨享</p><p>有意思得多</p><p>希望你今次演出成功!!!! <img src=""/></p><p>加油!!</p><p> </p><p>期待你下一次的「音樂會」 ^^</p>
  • Venson
  • U R so kool man!
  • y2kpingu
  • lol....shakespeares' hamlet....<br />
  • <p>那對腳是你的嗎...=.=" 我最討厭的人字拖@@</p><p>我在上日本文化課時聽過這篇說話...</p><p>嗯...沒有甚麼感覺...但知道你轉貼在這裡必有你的原因</p><p>音樂會努力...下午我們在電台相見吧...早點睡呀 !!! =]</p>