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  • sport3888
  • did warner release a vcd of this show? lol the end was so funny with the hat. Yea will there be a chance of a cantonese album in he future? But I think your mandarin songs would be better. Not sure how your singing would be like in cantonese.<br />
  • abc123
  • by the way, i think all you need is some more media attention. in my humble opinion, i think you're up there with the top taiwanese male artists already, but you're just not that well-known. <br />
  • abc123
  • hi khalil, i'm a fan from US, just wanted to say i love your latest album, but i've been wondering why you haven't released a cantonese album yet? although you may never reply (haha), i think that if you were to compose a cantonese album for the HK crowd, i think you might be able to spark a little revitalization of the music HK industry that sorely needs a r&b artist like yourself! if you would like to comment back, send me an e-mail or something to alan0817gmail .com, thanks :)<br />
  • 黛玉
  • if i know early...i must go to watch....i'm just a little too late......
  • rice
  • hi.. it's my first time to leave a cm here!<br />i dun visit often, but this is a very nice video i must say! =D<br />i really really luv da way u sang "what's going on?"<br />authentic raw soul~* <img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/53.gif"/> reminds me of james brown!<br />it must feel great for musicians to work with u!!! i'm sure they enjoyed every minute of it~<br />way to go~ keep it up~<br />will definitely visit here more often from now on~~~<br />
  • 這是私人回應
  • pakei
  • <p>khalil </p><p>我很喜歡聽你唱歌<br />你的愛愛愛音樂會, 我也有去到<br />那晚的音樂會真的很精采<br />首首歌都好好聽<br />不過特別一提是你翻唱那首相思河畔<br />和跟軒仔合唱那part.. 真的好好好好好聽 !!<br />希望可以再去你的音樂會!!</p><p>還有 要好好休息, 快d 好返!!</p>
  • anti social butterfly
  • Heya.. To tell you the truth, I don't really know who you are..... but... Wow. you have a really great voice! Always nice to have singers who are truly talented =) Look forward to hearing more of ur music...
  • gum
  • 好中意你既風格,<br />特別係你同FIONA合作,<br />因為本身我係一個超超超級FI迷!<br />加油作多D好歌!
  • makino
  • I'll  support  you!!
  • wendy
  • hopefully sometime in the future, you can come to Beijing
  • JulieMoore...
  • 看了你第二晚的show. IT'S REALLY A GOOD SHOW!!!<br />雖然因為要趕去灣仔看show所以做唔晒d野攪到weekend要走返工司做, 不過都值得, 如果冇去到的話, 一定會很後悔.  多謝你做咗一場好好睇ge show 比我哋睇.  希望係不久的將來會再有機會啦.<br /><br />最後, 我想請問第二場encore愛愛愛之後再encore果首英文歌叫咩名呀?? 很好聽呀! <br /><br />
  • Ellen
  • <p>Great show! </p><p>You are a star!</p><p>Proud of you!</p>
  • June S.
  • GOOD WOR, YOUR VOICE ....... SO....... SEXY~! HAHA~~!!
  • 嘉娜
  • <p>An enjoyable night on 1st Feb<br /><br />You are really a great musician<br />A bit pitty is that the concert was too short (for me)<br /><br />keep it up~</p>
  • candy
  • <p>hi, <br /><br />    有幸睇你2月1日的演出,十分精彩!  希望伙有更多好的作品及有機會演出。好開心,聽到你「拖男帶女」的演場演繹,它是在新碟中我最喜歡的歌曲之一。</p><p> </p><p>candy</p>
  • 呀魚
  • enjoyed ur show on fri la....<br />~~~GREAT SHOW~~~<br />thank you so much~ 
  • 小郁
  • <p>Watched your last show, totally touched! You are so talented. I have writen a blog entry about your show (it's more about you), hope you can drop by and take a look!</p>
  • r215666f
  • <p>i totally love your show on friday! it rocks! you rocks! your music rocks!</p><p>yay! and i have your signed CDs and signed poster!! haha, i feel lucky<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/4.gif"/></p><p>anywayz, look forward to your next shows/concert! hope it will be held sometime again this year! cant wait! and yes, also new albums and more good songs! cant get enough of your music!</p><p>btw, get more sleep la!</p>
  • mikirobbie
  • <p>perfect live performance last night</p><p>it is the best show i have ever seen, support</p>
  • Chel see
  • <p>KAHLIL!!! my cousin in HK went to ur show on the 2nd, he said it was GREAT!!! and he kept telling me how good it was and all the things u did, i was like MAN~I WISH I WAS IN HK!!! anyways, will u be selling dvds of ur showcase in USA?? or will u be coming to the states for a concert in the future?? hopefully u will.</p><p>p.s. ur new album is GREAT! glad especially <Love Love Love> and <If U Leave Me Now>(which is the easiest song for me to understand) </p><p>Chels</p>
  • 遮匙-游思行
  • <p>good show this evening!</p><p>you are amazing! are you crazy man?</p><p>let people love you and your music!</p>
  • Eminmay
  • u are unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur show is absolutely amazing awesome!

    looking forward to see ur next showssss~~~~~
  • KaReN
  • <p>2月2日看了你的音樂會...十分好!!!!真是值回票價....我是坐A行的...</p><p>很久沒有欣賞過這麼好的音樂會及唱作歌手了...恭喜你音樂會成功!</p><p>小心身體!!!</p><p>期待你下一張專輯...努力!!加油!!</p>
  • Zoe Lydia
  • Now, 3 hrs after the 2-hr-show tonite, I feels like i have just finished a cup of Jasmine tea, where the scent of sweetness is still in my month. Thanks Khalil!
  • <p>good show!</p><p>support your music*</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • irz
  • 2nite is da last show la!!finally can cum to u la!!X]<br />good show!!!!!!!
  • D伯爵
  • <p>加油啊~~</p><p>妳D歌都好好聽啊</p><p>希望妳可以作更多好聽0既歌卑我地聽拉~</p><p>支持!!!!</p>
  • kato
  • hi soul boy...great show last night...hope u guys (hin, louis, kay, ivana, chet and u) would have an opportunity to  perform simultaneously on stage once (well...at least)...it must be GREAT...u guys are GREAT GREAT GREAT...keep up your good work...
  • 黎老太
  • <p>方大同:</p><p>昨晚睇完你的show, 我一直都笑住返屋企.....really a very good show~~~</p><p>我坐第一行中間位的, 你就好似只對住我一個人唱歌....我o係台下面睇你都好緊張呀...哈~~~你真係唱得好好, 好投入....仲好靚仔tim~~~</p><p>你要加油呀...我希望將來我唔會錯過你任何的表演...仲要一早訂定飛...近d睇你唱歌~~</p><p>thank you very much~~~i'm really happy! =)</p>
  • 高妹
  • <p>Good Good Show!!不舒服也唱得這麼動聽,真是不得了!haha....</p><p>gloria由中場到散場再到回家途中,只是不停的叫...「嘩..有冇咁好聽呀!嘩....x100000...」</p><p>她說除了看coldplay有這樣反應外,你就是另一個了....haha!</p><p>明天加油呀!小心身體!<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/3.gif"/></p><p> </p>
  • tung &amp;quot;
  • 剛剛睇完第2場...
    It's a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 這是私人回應
  • Ling,
  • <p>今天看了第2場<br />很精彩很精彩<br />感謝你不舒服都帶給我們好音樂<br />很好聽我很喜歡lately下隻碟可以嘗試放多點英文歌<br />很好聽阿lately<br />encore再encore辛苦你了=D</p><p>ps 細so和你的對話好好笑X)</p>
  • 湯圓
  • <p>你的歌很棒吖.</p><p>繼續加油.!</p><p>         from_ 深圳.</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • 呀da
  • <p>哈哈</p><p>你今晚的表演非常好</p><p>一次比一次更驚喜,更進步~</p><p>好高興香港能有你這一個歌手=]</p>
  • <p>khalil`  i buy you cd la...</p><p>i know i'm too late...but...your song so good!</p><p>happy new year!</p>