Wish you all a prosperous chinese new year!! The year of the pig (my year) will be a good one!! i hope haha...i haven't been taking any pics recently so here's a cute pic i found. During this holiday I've been working on my new songs....i'm searching for the sound i wanna give all of you this year.
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  • 海梨
  • Try ur best!!!!
  • 基仔
  • <p>juz try ur best in this year ! </p>
  • 冇
  • khalil, i love your songs so much!! i think u can sing very well, actually better than many artist!! always support u!!
  • joantanhk
  • hi khalil,i do support u but not for fiona,she's not good at all,she can't sing at all.she speak broken english..
  • Chel see
  • khalil!! kung hey fat choi!! glad that ur working hard but also take care !! looking forward to hear ur new sound!! (plz make a canto album this yr, or english)
  • FLO
  • <p>加油ar~~~期待你的新歌~~~</p><p>happy new year</p>
  • ..怪獸琪﹡
  • <p>新年快過了,別為了還歌債而忘記了身體.<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/15.gif"/></p><p>看伱每次出FUNZ的照片,真是白得很恐怖!!</p><p>希望你可以胖起來!!!</p><p>24嵗的人...瘦成那樣...-_-</p><p> </p><p>祝.身體健康..WORK HARD!</p>
  • BB仔
  • khalil先生,本命年了,系時候上紅館拉,呵呵呵呵!
  • BiG cOw
  • hehee did you eat alot of "lin go"? haha I like the coconut lin go =)<br />
  • BiG cOw
  • Hi Khalil!<br /><br />Happy Chinese New Year to YOU and YOUR FAMILY!!!<br />I hope you enjoyed the time you spent with your family during this special time of the year!<br />
  • 奶茶teaaa*
  • <p>YO KHALIL,</p><p>HAPPY PIGGY YEAR>V<"</p><p>I'M NEW HERE!</p><p>AND I LIKE YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR SINGING  STYLE!</p><p>IT'S GREAT!!!</p><p>I'M LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEW SOUND!!YEAH!!!>3<"!</p><p>   *支持你喔</p><p> </p>
  • linkzai
  • <p><font color="#ff007f">happy Chinese new year!</font></p><p><font color="#ff007f">what such  fantastic songs U written.</font></p><p><font color="#ff007f">i'm not good at English,anyway,i wish U the best of luck in the year of the pig (your year)!</font><img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/3.gif"/></p>
  • Sharon
  • <p>hi khalil, " Kung Hei fat Choi", </p><p>i know you'' ll be leaving hk very soon, don't forget all your fans in hk and wish you all the best in 2007 .</p><p>PS  you need to take more rest and eat more, ok??? you are soooooooooo skinny, especially after the concert!! I saw the pics that you upload, shooting for 4人遊??? 瘦到嚇死人   </p>
  • 子藤
  • hello, Khalil=]
    Kung Hei Fat Pig too!
    Recently, I bought your CD-This Love.
    I'm listening to it and I cant avoid it!!
    What an amazing CD you have done!!
    I will support you continuely,
    and I'm looking forward to listening your new songs.
  • b女*
  • <p>i am still in china right now</p><p>hahaha</p><p>happy new year</p><p>pls,don't be skinny la,</p><p>i wish u to become a fat boy aha?!</p><p>hahaha</p><p>kung hei kung hei!!!!</p>
  • 朱  兜
  • pig cages goes into the water!
  • reg~
  • <p>happy chinese new year khalil!!</p><p>祝: 身體健康! 工作順利!!  豬年行大運~~~</p>
  • 這是私人回應
  • OE
  • <p>hi Khalil, wish you hv happy lunar pig year!<br />Looking forward for your new babe!</p>
  • crezi
  • i love ur songs~
  • 這是私人回應
  • Namtso 納木錯
  • <p>the piglet is so cute! it has a smiling face!</p><p>ps. pig is my year as well</p><p> </p>
  • B2 ;
  • <p>HAPPY PIG YEAR</p>
  • 狗狗乐
  • Hey, I am from Malaysia, I like your music very much, they way you sing really stop everyone from what they are doing and just sit still and listen to your song.   But  can't really buy your CD in malaysia yet.  Really really really like your music ..... something special and different from others.....good luck and hope I can get your CD soon! take care and kong hei fat choy!
  • jessica
  • Kahlil,<br />Happy Chinese PIG Year=]<br />really looking forward for your new songs new cd record <br />it musts be a good start ater your This Love concerts...<br />hey guy...<br />don't give up and try your really best to produce your music<br />KHALIL FONG'S MUSIC<br />so khalil...<br />GOOD JOB that u hv been made thro' out 2006<br />really GOOD JOB=]
  • 兩蚊雞
  • <p>hihi..Khalil..</p><p>the pig is so so so so so cute..</p><p>i like it very much!</p><p>wish you: pig cage goes into water!!</p>
  • Kitty
  • HIHI , i am 11 year old . you can call me 蕃茄妹妹 !!! i am very like your song .  I very like 愛愛愛  ar . is very very good ar . 祝你新年快樂 , 心想事成 !!!
  • katherine
  • <p>hi khalil=) <br />happy chinese new year , haha</p>
  • Creamy Cup
  • <p><font color="#ff80bf">Wish you a prosperous and great new year!!</font></p><p><font color="#ff80bf">Kong Hei Fat Choi!!!</font></p><p><font color="#ff80bf">Btw, the pig's pic is reaallllly cuuuuttte!!!  Kaka...</font><img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/10.gif"/></p>
  • 毛毛
  • <p>haha....khalil...</p><p>this is your year...are you  a  pig too???</p><p>happy new year and kung hei fat pig to you as well.</p><p>looking forward to your new songs and your funz...</p>
  • Man
  • <p><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;">大同</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;FONT-FAMILY:Georgia;">!<br />hahahah~<br /></span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;">不如你下隻碟叫</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;FONT-FAMILY:Georgia;">"</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;">大同世界</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;FONT-FAMILY:Georgia;">"<br />or" </span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;">大同與小康</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;FONT-FAMILY:Georgia;">"</span><span style="FONT-SIZE:22pt;">呀<br />support your music!rather that yourself!<br />piggy! keep it up!</span></p>
  • <p>「開心fi         u will be」</p><p>good sentence...</p>
  • s
  • QQ
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff0000">-KHALIL*<br /><br />your pic is it the film "CHARLOTTE' S WEB" ?<br /><br />Happy chinese new year=]<br /><br />-QQ*</font></p>
  • irz
  • kung hei fat choi!!!!!!!!!!<br />祝你心想事成呀!!wow!!haha
  • 這是私人回應
  • 大WING
  • <p>Happy New Year!!身體健康!(<---the most important)</p><p>Looking forward to your new song~</p>