Much fun, much music, much people...should do it again.




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  • local shorthair
  • fongfong
  • 這是私人回應
  • Betty
  • <p>GOD I just love your songs~(listening to&nbsp;them now while I am doing my course work and thinking it would be a good idea to leave u msg~)<br />support support!!!!!^^</p>
  • *gigi*
  • well done!!!
  • Co*
  • <p>Wah~ d photo ho good~</p><p>fifi and endy ho funny~</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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  • 這是私人回應
  • Mynameiscat!
  • 頂帽咁熟既@0@
  • joantanhk
  • <p>Dear,how r u recently,busy about doing wat?u r realli cool with ur musical instrument especially ur drum set,it&#39;s cool....ya.i can play well in guitar(classical),piano n dad is a former musician n he can sing n play veri well..</p><p>anyway do takecare n god bless u ya....</p><p>sweetie.joan tan</p>
  • YUKI  dum dUm
  • <p>Is nice that you can have fun when you are working </p><p>but when you really needed to work you should stop playing and started to work sooooosossosososos hard&nbsp;.</p><p>but have fun <img height="53" src="" width="65"/></p>
  • 王者令
  • <p>its always nice to have some crossover with other professionals , it&nbsp;can brought some new thoughs and stuff to the master piece which created.&nbsp;</p><p>I know that you knew fiona and zarahn members for a while through the photos from other Blog.&nbsp; The only feeling that I had for you guys jamming&nbsp;music together was : strange. (since you three parties held different theme on music , i just dont felt that it does match).</p><p>Still , I can tell that you guys were enjoying the yield of the master piece so much.</p>
  • Karena
  • <p>相片拍得撲朔迷離</p><p>沒帶眼鏡的你</p><p>雙眼看上去好像更小</p><p>也許拍得不好吧!</p><p>你似乎開始不介意以真面目示人&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; haha~</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Sharon
  • <p>~it must be very funny~</p><p>i&#39;m happy to see that you 長胖了! <img src=""/>&nbsp;</p><p>胖了變精神了和更帥了, 哈哈哈 (真心的) </p><p>always remeber to take more rest and eat more, ok??? </p><p>don&#39;t push urself too hard!!!</p><p>Sharon</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
  • FLO
  • <p>hihi~~~Khalil~~how are you ?</p><p>I saw you new MV on last Sat~~! that was cool~~! I like it so much~!</p><p>keep going~~!!! YEAH</p>
  • Beyond Music 二樓後座
  • 《Let&#39;s Fight 黃貫中音樂會》 <br /><br />日期:2007年5月11日(星期五), 2007年5月12日 (星期六) <br /><br />演出時間: 8:00pm (兩至兩個半小時) <br />地點: 九龍灣國際展貿中心Hall B <br />門票: HK$280, HK$180 (全場企位) <br /><br />演出單位: 黃貫中, 何超, 許懷恩, 秋紅, 廿四味, Dear Jane, Seasons Lee, Hardpack, KingLyChee, Audio Traffic, Sonic Temple, Family <br /><br />門票於三月尾公開發售, 詳情留意黃貫中官方網頁( <br /><br />現接受香港, 中國全國, 澳門及海外地區預訂門票. 預訂方法: 連同1)姓名, 2)電郵, 3)電話, 4)手提電話, 5)地區, 6)國家, 7)門票數目等資料電郵至 <br /><br />**每場演出時間: 黃貫中佔一小時, 另由五至六隊樂隊演出一小時 <br />
  • reg~
  • <p>i bet you guys had a lot of fun ^__^</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
  • ruby
  • HELLO!halohalo!
    me again-v-
    work hard and take care!*3*
  • lowong
  • Cooooollll jam!!!<br />>How long you play drum??<br /><br />
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  • QQ
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff0000">-KHALIL*<br /><br />那頂警察帽很帥喔!<br />木結他是不是endy的?哈哈,,他的木結他也貼滿貼紙`<br /></font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff0000">-QQ*</font><br /></p>
  • QQ
  • -KHALI
  • b女*
  • <p>HEY KHALIL,</p><p>HOW&#39;S YOUR DAY?</p><p>I JUST SAW U TODAY AND U LOOKED LIKE PRETTY GOOD:></p><p>JUST WANNA SAY TAKE CARE MAN</p><p>HAHAHA</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>U LOOKED LIKE REALLY GOOD TODAY</p><p>(I HAVE NOT SAW U FOR HALF OF MONTH AGO MAYBE)</p><p>HAHAHAHA</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>ENJOY YOUR LIFE:></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>b女*</p>
  • irz
  • goro做乜自己坐埋一邊xD
  • 珩...
  • 警帽咁似brabra fansclub個頂既XD<br />好正呀, 你地一齊出function 就正.. X]
  • 巧巧_b*
  • <p>HI</p><p>YOUR BLOG IS FUNNY</p><p>你打既日記好得意牙</p><p>仲5有咁多相</p><p>你頂警帽超型牙</p><p>你知唔知我E+聽緊D咩歌呢</p><p>我係到聽緊你隻碟牙...真係想要你既簽名..</p>
  • R a i n b o w H u y n h *PrinceChing
  • <font color="#668f5a">頂警帽.....<br />係我地EndyChowInternationeFanClub送俾Endy架!!<br />hahahaha.<br /></font>
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  • Ling,
  • <p>你胖了一點真好=)</p><p>警帽好型阿,哈哈</p><p>這陣子要mock exam出不到function=(</p><p>遲一點一定會出來的:D等我等我</p>
  • OE
  • <p>Hi Khalil,<br />so cool in the show!<br />will create the new song with&nbsp; Zarahn in your coming album?<br /></p>
  • June S.
  • 點解d相咁矇架?? 無用cannon啦!!
  • 奶茶teaaa*
  • <p><strong><font color="#a2a2a2">i like the one which you&#39;re wearing the hat.It&#39;s cool!>3<"!</font></strong></p>
  • Carmen~**
  • <p>近來開始發覺有不少你除下眼鏡拍的照片出現,哈哈......</p><p>蠻開心的.....覺得你開始Come out了!!(其實一直很想你以真面日示人呢...靚仔!)嘻......</p><p>我要連續工作五個星期沒有假期呢....所以這陣子不能去Function支持你了(>_<)""!請見諒!!<img src=""/></p>
  • inK**
  • <p>Wow~</p><p>除眼鏡 賣大包?? XDD</p><p>Anyway, enjoy yourself&nbsp; </p><p>That&#39;s the most attractive point of singing~&nbsp; ADD OIL!</p>
  • 膶頭.魚
  • <p>哇哇哇~~</p><p>沒帶眼鏡哦~~!!</p>
  • veronn&amp;quot;
  • hehe u look so cool with that handsome police look : P
  • ~小嗏、
  • 點會有頂帽嘅.,?~ah ha.~
  • <p>DEAR KHALIL</p><p> are so cool...haha!!</p><p>i watch you&nbsp;& fi &#39;s new mv.."4人遊"</p><p>you are so handsome...=]</p><p>bye bye lu..i want to see your concert..but..your new cd not have..><</p>
  • 姬c叮...叮
  • very blurry lei~~
  • kairain
  • <p>哈哈!見到曬冷仔好開心!</p><p>阿FI帶軍帽好型!</p><p>嗯嗯...點解<愛愛愛>張專輯冇MV送...?莫非妳會出第2版?!</p>