I had a friend play a drum track for my new song...we took a few hours just to get the right tuning and tone for the set up. A good groove, a good day...maybe i'll update with some videos later.


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  • -Renee* `}
  • 0.0
  • fingfingann*
  • u haven't updat ur blog for a long time~ ar u busy on ur new album?
  • ㄚ ソ┌.乖
  • 觉得你的歌越听越有味道...........!!继续加油.....
  • 物物小王子
  • <p><strong>作爲一個喜愛音樂嘎人</strong></p><p><strong>我真系好想同你夾BAND玩下音樂</strong></p>
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  • 即食面
  • <p>上我個BLOG睇下最新既網誌啦</p><p>勁好睇咖</p><p>唔睇你一定後悔莫及個啦</p>
  • 松本よち(香港官方部落)
  • <p>good ' d</p><p>方大同...黎的歌曲我有細听呀...</p><p>繼續加油.....愛愛愛很好听d</p>
  • 樂
  • <h2><font color="#a94a76">若聖經送往淫褻物品審裁處 .一定成為國際笑話</font></h2>
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  • 呀da
  • <p>a drum track? COOL~~~~</p><p>Have enough rest plz><</p>
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  • 靜櫻櫻
  • <p>I'm really looking forward to your video!</p><p>Khalil,support you all the time!(^o^)/</p>
  • Dezzo
  • nice cymbols!!! =D
  • 柔道貓
  • I 'm looking forwards to the video soon~~~~~~~~~~~! Always SUPPORT!
  • */\/  &amp;quot;仙弟&amp;quot;||[*[][][]
  • <p> Khalil</p><p>好多謝你尋晚黎睇 '' V '' 呀 </p>
  • JAN
  • <p>hey!khalil"</p><p>looking forward to your new song!</p><p>加油努力,,support you all the time</p>
  • dinwhassup
  • <p>上星期在台灣的唱片店,正在播放著你的專輯...感覺很特別喎...(我還聽見店完說要補貨tim)...</p><p>努力呀!</p>
  • Halo~
  • <p>New song?</p><p>+ Oil ~</p><p>Support u~</p>
  • Bessie
  • K大小姐
  • +u working on ur new song~~
  • Greene
  • <p>Keep going on your songs! !<br />We all are waiting for your new  album^^*<br />Try your best to be the best~ ~<br />But don't give yourself a lot of pressure~ ~<br />hehe...Go Go Go!</p>
  • Janice
  • <p>昨天在尖沙咀見到你呢, 你仍然是很瘦..哈..</p><p>加油啊</p>
  • Chels
  • <p>hey Khalil, wuts up?! wow a few hours to set up, thats long! im pretty sure u guys got the best tuning, right? looking forward to hear it</p><p>Chels</p>
  • b女*
  • <p>Hey man wt's up?</p><p>U still look like a stupid hahaha</p><p>NO Just kidding</p><p> </p><p>Take care</p><p>And remember we are your best friend</p><p>and always stand-by your side:]</p>
  • wing yee
  • hihi,,,我好想好似你咁嘐,,,識得咁多樂器,,,我都想我可以識呀,,可以自己作歌俾自己歌~~><
  • reg~
  • <p>wow, a few hours just for the setup... @_@;;</p><p>but i believe you won't disappoint us... some goodies are gonna come out i bet! ;D</p>
  • QQ
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff0000">-KHALIL*<br /><br />加油!!!=]<br />支持=]<br />努力=]<br /><br />想不到別的要說XD</font></p><p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff0000">-QQ*</font></p>
  • <p>那張照片在扮帥嗎...............=.="</p><p>你會親身進行鼓的部份錄音工作吧 ? </p><p>請記緊要休息休息休息............我不要看到變了熊貓的你..XDDD</p><p>丫...還有...你的網站完工了喇...只是網址轉了...</p><p>http://www.mrkhalilfong.com</p>
  • BB
  • <p>looking forward to your new song^^</p>
  • YY
  • <p>heheee,</p><p> </p><p>你仲帶住12A頂帽呢!!!</p><p> </p><p>>3<</p>
  • inK**
  • <p>Well I am looking forward to your new song</p><p>Seems you are quite busy these days</p><p>Add oil !</p><p>Miss U*</p>
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  • Cathy*
  • 想快D聽到你呢首新歌=]<br />加油呀!!!!!!!!!
  • saturnian.
  • YAHOOO<3<br />looking forward to ur new song!!<br />alldabesttt<3
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