I finally upload some of the highlights from the trip. Have to thank my colleague for his help holding the camera!


Check it out!

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  • Juli
  • Well Singapore <strong>is</strong> called the Garden City for a reason. Hong Kong has no space for trees anyway, its a country that prefers concrete. And who doesn't love concrete nowadays!??!<br />
  • <p>下面o個位...而家 KHALIL 係忙住新碟o既野,直至佢年尾出左隻碟,就會去海外宣傳。</p><p>如果你係一個錫佢o既 FANS,請唔好催佢 UPDATE 個 BLOG。開 BLOG 已經係 OVER 左一個歌手基本o既責任,佢已經係好錫 FANS,咁忙都間中抽時間 UPDATE。UPDATE BLOG 係隨意,但唔係必要定期 UPDATE 囉。</p><p>佢呢幾星期都係做新碟,之前出席左新城國語力頒獎禮,早幾日出席左一個校園活動,下星期又有音樂會。早幾日仲去左北京開會,忙到根本冇時間。</p><p>有心o既可以去 SEARCH 下佢o既網站同 FANS FORUM,大家一直都有更新佢o既最新消息。</p>
  • Bo
  • <p>are you free recently??? because i really want to know about how you were doing over these weeks.........i pleased you to update your blog....</p><p>                                                                                         your fan.</p>
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  • 米妮
  • 今日見到你.好開心牙-3-<br />努力!!LUV U!-3-<br />
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  • sport3888
  • oh..also I think your voice sounds so much softer and nicer live. I like the way you played the  guitar and sang  蘇麗珍 on JSG, it just sounded more romantic and your voice was softer and it was more simple. Maybe you can try having some songs with just guitar accompanying it for your next album?<br />
  • sport3888
  • I really like the guitar version of 春風吹 that you played in the clip. It'd sounded really nice. Is there anyway you can email me the notes? my email is sport3888HOTMAIL .com I just started learning guitar this summer not sure if I can figure out. It's ok if you can't.<br /><br />I wish you had a concert on VCD, it'd be so cool if you can play all the instruments you know in it and it'd be really nice to watch guitar versions of some of your songs cause I'm sure they'll turn out as nice and surprising as the way you played 春風吹 in the clip. :)<br /><br />
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  • biskit
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  • ☆妹記
  • <p>十卜十卜十卜你牙!+油牙</p>
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  • 89757
  • <p align="center"><strong><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" size="5">khalil !</font></strong></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">i miss you !</font></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">been busy now adays ehs ?</font></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">you dint update much .. </font></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">heees , wish to know morre things about ya . (X</font></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">- loves & misses </font></p><p align="center"><font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" color="#8000ff" size="5">{ cherlyn (s'pore)</font></p>
  • 為食龍少爺
  • <p>You got many beautiful song~</p><p>Support you !!</p>
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  • Carmen
  • <font color="#8000ff">khalil係新城國語力頒獎禮拎咗三個獎:<br /><br />1.新城國語力創作歌手大獎<br />2.新城國語力優秀專輯獎:方大同 - 愛愛愛 <br />3.新城國語力歌曲: 15. 方大同 - 愛愛愛<br /><br /><br />Congratulations!!<br /><br />我為Khalil而感到驕傲!!!<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/4.gif"/></font>
  • 文璇
  • <p>好精彩啊!! 呢個part 2真係無比精彩~~~~~!!!!! </p><p>好後悔啊, 為什麼我不要早點愛上大同的音樂, 為什麼SG行我只出席了Republic Poly.的演唱會..看了這些剪接..... 好後悔..</p><p>從那天起, 聽大同的音樂到現在, 天天沒間斷!! 大同, 你的歌太神奇了!! </p><p>忽然很感動, 你把華人的R&B發揚光大, 你把R&B帶到獅城, 為這裡的中文音樂添加了最有魅力的音樂元素..</p><p>就是R&B.........  </p>
  • QQ
  • <font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#ff4040">-KHALIL*<br /><br />I'm going to Hong Kong from Canada tonight,so see u in HK very soon!=]<br />I miss u so much! ;P<br /><br />-QQ*</font>
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  • Evelyn
  • <p>Hello Khalil,</p><p>THough I cant understand Cantonese, but hearing you speak Cantonese is something interesting.</p><p>1 month has passed since you left Singapore and I do miss the days hearing you sing at events. </p><p>Take care and come back to SIngapore soon!</p><p>EVelyn, Khalil Fong Singapore Fansgroup</p><p>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/khalilfong_sg</p><p> </p>
  • sport3888
  • I'm so happy you went to Singapore to promote you album, that way more people will know you especially since the market of mandarin songs is so much bigger.  Can't wait till your third album comes out or maybe you new plugged song.<br />
  • 米妮
  • wow.!so great!<br />lookin forward to yr new album!!!!!<br /><br />
  • reg~
  • hey khalil, nice to see that you were so welcomed in SG :)<br />期待你的新專輯!!!! 一定會大賣!!!!! <br />也希望 "This Love" concert 可以出 DVD/VCD!!!<br /><br />加油啦!!!<br />
  • lena&amp;quot;
  • haha,the video was so great!<br />btw,hv a hair cut?looks more younger,haha
  • linkzai
  • Singapore 很靓的国家,很多美食吧.哈哈,太好了.
  • JAN
  • <p>很久沒見你update blog呢!<br />製作新碟時也要休息多點啊=]<br />你唱的那首春風吹很好聽!<br />take care!</p>
  • Crazy C
  • <p>long time no update la</p><p>u hv so many fans ma</p><p>waiting 4 yr new cd </p><p>support u 4ever !!!!</p>
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  • 樂晴
  • <p><font color="#7f007f">看到你update了blog真的很開心!!!<br />真的很久沒見了...很想聽到你唱歌呢<img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/2.gif"/> 希望你各方面都很好吧~*</font></p><p><font color="#7f007f">很想快點到4/8哦‵‵</font></p>
  • Carmen
  • <strong><span>方大同"愛愛愛音樂會"出DVD</span><br /><br /></strong><br /><div>華納出 NOTICE 問<br />如果真係咁多人想要《愛愛愛音樂會》DVD<br />佢地就考慮出<br /><br /><strong>唔該想要嘅人衝哂上去留個言</strong>
  • Carmen
  • <strong><span>方大同"愛愛愛音樂會"出DVD</span><br /><br /></strong>
    <div>華納出 NOTICE 問<br />如果真係咁多人想要《愛愛愛音樂會》DVD<br />佢地就考慮出<br /><br /><strong>唔該想要嘅人衝哂上去留個言</strong>
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  • Heliose
  • <p>你那三天還真累,回來後就多給點時間自己休休息吧<br />我知道你是工作時很努力也知道你閒時很懶,哈哈<br />希望新碟一推出會大賣,紅館開SHOW<br />相信你一次比一次進步,一次比一次用心。</p>
  • shang yuan (Air PorK)
  • <p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR:#ffffff;" color="#a040ff"><strong>ello:] </strong></font></p><p><font color="#a040ff"><strong>GOOD LUCK! ... TAKE CARE!</strong></font></p><p><font color="#a040ff"><strong></strong></font> </p><p><font color="#a040ff"><strong><em>SHANG YUAN (AIR PORK)</em></strong></font></p>
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