Bass Dubbing

i was working on a real bass track as well as synth bass in the studio. Hardly ever play the bass so it took me a while to get used to it and since the strings are much thicker than guitar strings I got some "sui pork" blisters on my fingers. They're fine now...bass is fun!

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  • 陳子.子
  • 期待妳新歌... <br />                           加油喲...
  • 柔道貓
  • <div>
    <h2><font color="#482c1b">柔道貓貓開門秀~~喵</font></h2>
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  • hairypokka
  • <p>你和Fiona現場合唱很不錯,比聽cd更好!沙灘和所有David的歌我都很喜歡,所以你們昨晩選唱他的歌我很高興呀!聽說這是你今年在香港的最後一場live,原因何在?anyways, 好期望有機會在一些音響效果良好的表演場地能夠靜靜地欣賞到你的live!good show!!!!Khalil!!!!指頭要更厚才可以無痛彈BASS, 祝你早日變厚!</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>
  • Ling,
  • bass is cool <br /><br />looking forward to hear your new album <br /><br />方大同你的手是要打算一直粗糙下去嗎:p <br /><br />my this love live cd is not yet signed last night! <br /><br />下次下次-_- <br />
  • sport3888
  • wow that must've have hurt. Couldn't you used picks for it? Thanks for the clips, it was very cool and rare to see a clip of you recording in the studio!<br />
  • reg~
  • please take very good care of your fingers 哈哈!!<br />can't wait to listen to your newest album!!<br />加油!<br />
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  • Darby
  • Fun rhythm, and u look cool no matter what you play with~<br />My neck grows so long for your next album...add oil my dear!!<br /><br />
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  • 靜櫻櫻
  • <p>be careful about your fingers^^</p><p>add oil!!!i must suppport u~(^o^)/</p>
  • Nicolette
  • <p>hey khalil, </p><p>how are you? i like the beat of your song.</p><p>-> Nicolette</p>
  • 方.小同
  • <p>: )<br />知道你看不懂中文,但是我又不会说英文..</p><p>呵呵..   你终于更新了..  加油加油..  等着你的新唱片哦..</p><p>: )</p>
  • Yami
  • <p>bass , sounds  cool! </p><p>U   can  play  it  well.</p>
  • xinkcos
  • a wonderful track:]]
    add oil:)
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  • zf
  • <p>小心你的手指...</p><p>聽完那一小段的歌曲</p><p>就更期待你的third album 了</p><p>繼續努力吧</p><p>等着你的新歌</p>
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  • 這是私人回應
  • ru
  • 看完這video,更期待你的新大碟!加油啊!不過要保重身體and手指!
  • JAN
  • 小心手指=]<br />加油吧!累的時侯休息多點<br />take care!
  • b女*
  • <p>HEY MAN!</p><p>I M SO ENJOY IN THE BACKGROUND MUSIC OF YOUR VIDEO!</p><p>IT'S SO FAB!</p><p>GOOD JOB!</p><p>BUT TAKE CARE MAN HAHAHA</p><p> </p><p>:]</p><p>b女*</p>
  • <p>請小心你的手指...難得你的手才滑一點XDDDD</p><p>a forum with the website is opened, more quickly than before...</p><p>id and pw are still the same as before. 我已鏟了木馬,不要再跟我說有毒....=.="</p><p>對了,你作給何韻詩的歌曲已推出,聽說很重你的 style...=]</p>
  • Heliose
  • <font face="Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande" size="2">I like this rhythm<font face="Georgia">,</font>your own style :)<br />feeling so good when I heard it,keep going ;P</font>
  • biskit
  • <p><font color="#00407f">好開心你又update啦~  bass好像又更進階、更難,不過看你彈得挺不錯。過不久我也要去學吉他,一圓過去的夢想,自彈自唱的feel...感覺很棒!做出屬於自己的音樂...感覺很快樂! 能彈到長出繭來,反而是一種努力和榮耀的象徵吧!! </font></p><p><font color="#00407f">看來vedio裡的是新歌~ 這樣算是搶聽嗎!?</font><img src=""/> </p><p><font color="#ff0000">旁邊的大叔看起來挺開心的感覺啊~哈   你的努力真的很讓人感動,希望你能好好加油喔~ 大家都很期待新歌啦</font> <img src=""/></p>
  • Wing
  • <p>支持你~~</p>
  • 欣
  • 聽買你隻碟,,好hapi~~>v<你個樣好投入ar,繼續努力ar~~!!
  • 樺♡灼眼のツャナ
  • 加油啊!!=)小心d手指=vvv=