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my friend has been having alot of fun using a lomo cam...not every pic turns out nice and you have to be lucky...i was lucky

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  • Mr Hope Land
  • <p>你的眼神很文氣</p>
  • Ollie
  • <p>Hello, 我好鐘意聽你唱歌, 好舒服。</p><p>有時間去我個Blog睇睇la。</p>
  • &amp;quot;     c0NN!e x mAnDY~.........]
  • <p>khalil!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>今日你爸爸同埋幾個無界樂人去左何東中學做音樂會阿!D歌真係好好聽阿!好開心見到你爸爸阿!</p><p>仲有,你要加油阿!你幾時出新碟同新歌阿?我會支持你嘎!加油加油!KEEPING GOING!</p><p>有時間上我個blog留下言阿!thx~~~~~~~~~~~~~</p>
  • babyces
  • <p>lucky indeed.<br />i study in england and your song 'love love love' has always been accompanying me at times of difficulty. difficulty... as in homesickness, loneliness and the gradual cold.<br />nice song. but aint i a little outdated to speak about this particular song as you may have composed so many others after it?<br />anyway, good songs travel along with time =)</p><p>xx<br /></p>
  • kary
  • hello,我係你ge fans ar!得閒去我blog留言la...
  • 新界西
  • <p>cool ~~~~</p>
  • 陳chester
  • <p>hi khalil</p><p>第一次留message, 張相好有味道, good呀~</p><p>上次個bass dumping都好正, 幾時有新作品??</p><p>加油</p>
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  • linkzai
  • <p>大同的声音很好听,我已经爱上了他的音乐,"总结好听极了</p><p>加油大同</p>
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  • biskit
  • finally, your cd of THIS LOVE CONCERT released in Taiwan today :) hope there r good responses.
  • 張繼窿
  • OMG ! You are so cool man !!
  • <p>我鍾意你愛愛愛個頭多d...哈</p><p>不過無所謂,最重要係你d歌嘛</p>
  • 呀
  • sorry... i make a mistake...
  • Dà肚莮
  • <p>   超喜欢你的歌......</p><p>         ~~~~!!</p><p>         加油啊..期待你更多更好的 作品</p>
  • Juli
  • Your friend should have photoshopped the rod behind you though, it kind of takes the focus off you and onto it.<br />
  • Copper
  • <p>wow...呢d頭真係only親你ga ja!!!!</p><p>真係好型=]!!!</p>
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  • wuanai
  • well, no comment XD
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  • b女*
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  • lena&amp;quot;
  • ha..what had happened to ur hair?
  • ru
  • 「仿似」一位憂鬱小生,其實可能正在欣賞牆上的壁虎...........是903訪問那天拍的吧!
  • lene
  • <span style="color:rgb(0, 128, 255);">wow, khalil... retro chic! 好帅哦!</span><img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/3.gif"/> <span style="color:rgb(0, 128, 255);">I hope despite your hectic schedule with recording and preparing for your new album, you're getting all the R&R you need. can't wait to hear your new songs! btw, when will your new album be out? take care!</span><br />
  • 呀da
  • <p>the background is nice...</p><p>is it a staircase?*V*</p>
  • reg~
  • lol khalil<br />dont know why, i think this pic looks funny XD<br />
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